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On the Bus

On the Bus – 115

This week we talk to production set designer Matt Englebert, whos designed covers for Oprah and Snoop Dogg.

On the Bus – 114

This week we are On the Bus with Chris Vos, lead singer for The Record Company. They play rock and roll.

We showcase two singles their new album Play Loud – How High and Paradise coming out Oct 8 – pre-order now.

They are also on tour – Milwaukee O

On the Bus – 113

Oh you kids are in for a treat!  Our mutual best friend, Vincent Teninty hops on the bus and shares how his travels have made him a better artist.

Please do not pass gas in the vehicle.

On the Bus – 112

Our guest this week is Darryl Ingram, former NFL tight end and radio host.

Darryl takes us on a ride from film projector security to philosophy.

On the Bus – 111

Chris and Bryan pay tribute to one of the great tour pets and double up on a little place called Winnemucca.




On the Bus – 110

This week we welcome our friend, Mark Teich.

From his bio:

Mark is definitely the guy….who was in that thing. He’s been writing & performing for over 20 years with places like The Second City Chicago and LA and UCB. Mark’s been on Comedy Centra

On the Bus – 109

We welcome Hayley and the Crushers this week.

One part pop-punk, one part sunny surf, we have a lot of fun as always and learn valuable uses for cat litter.





On the Bus – 108

This week we sit down with world renowned sound engineer Mike Allison who has toured around the world with everyone from the Rolling Stones, KISS and Beyonce.




On the Bus – 107

This week Chris and Bryan talk with the boys from “Bowling for Soup” about panini’s, nicknames and whiz bangs!
Songs: “Alexa Bliss” and “The girl all the bad guys want”.

On the Bus – 106

You may not know him by name, but most likely youve heard him or have seen him playing on stage .

From playing drums with bands like Soul Asylum and Natural Selection to playing guitar or bass with Brother Clyde, Billy Ray Cyrus, Oasis, and DuG Pinick

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