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6-5-19 – Unheard Of

Unheard Of
Unheard Of
6-5-19 – Unheard Of

#UnHeardOf W/Brandi Grayson @6PM TONIGHT livestream @

Let’s talk about the 17 year old boy that was punched in the face by police officer. Let’s talk about the 27 year old man that police sicked the dog on for no reason at all. The dog bit a hole out of his leg and he was never charged with anything because he didn’t do anything. Let’s talk about how politics and respectability plays into the image of all Black people and our children being monsters and undeserving of humanity or Humane treatment.

And 5 things everybody can do to protect black children

#TuneIn you dont want to miss this. #Wrrd1510AM MILWAUKEE #TALK927FM MADISON

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