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K9-Dasty Back On Duty And Med Free For Merrill PD

K9-Dasty Back On Duty And Med Free For Merrill PD

June 12, 2024 7:16 PM CDT

By: Brittney Merlot

WAUSAU, Wis. (WXCO) – After being diagnosed with blastomycosis, undergoing lengthy treatments, this furry Officer reaches a successful milestone.

The Merrill Police Department has announced that K-9 Dasty has been declared free from blastomycosis and no longer needs any medication treatment.

A fungal disease that most commonly infects humans and animals through the respiratory tract. K-9 Dasty returned to the Department just over a year ago after receiving recovery treatments. At the time, Dasty was still undergoing several tests and receiving meds.

Now, the Merrill PD said that K9-Dasty deployed last month and successfully protected an officer who was engaged with a person resisting officers.

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