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News Notes: Top 5 for the Week

News Notes: Top 5 for the Week

The latest news stories in a quick read format from Civic Media

July 21, 2023 3:32 PM CDT

By: Teri Barr

Money for road projects. Doctors making house calls. And baking cookies in a hot car. Here are a few of the news stories grabbing attention this week. You can catch up on what you’ve missed with our quick read format:

Number 1. How hot is too hot? If you can bake cookies in your car, it’s probably too hot.

Employees with the National Weather Service decided to test the heat after writing in a Facebook post it was 105 degrees outside, but 190 degrees inside a car. They put the batch of cookie dough in a pan on the dashboard.

4 1/2 hours later, the cookies were ready. Those behind the experiment called it a delicious but dangerous reminder to be sure you don’t leave anything — or anyone — in your car. By the way, it’s supposed to heat back up across Wisconsin next week. The forecast calls for temperatures in the mid-90s.


Number 2. Doctors really do make house calls.

The “old idea” is new again, as the house call option for health care is spreading across Wisconsin. Pivotal Health currently offers house calls in the greater Madison area and recently extended its services to Milwaukee.

Those with Pivotal Health say they are already looking at La Crosse to continue its growth while announcing an expansion to Green Bay this week. Most major insurance plans covers this service. You can read more about it, here.

Number 3. The $1 trillion infrastructure bill is being put to use on more than 170 projects in Wisconsin.

You may recall President Biden signed the historic bill into law, sending billions of dollars to all 50 states for highway upgrades, road repairs, and more. Wisconsin’s piece of the pie is right around $2.8 billion.

Our friends with UpNorthNews Radio on Civic Media, put their calculators to work, and figured out the state has 979 bridges and more than 1,900 miles of highway in poor condition. $2.1 billion in funding from the law will fix those failing bridges and roads.

Our airports, water, and the internet are also on the “fix it” list. Learn more about it at this link.

Number 4. Did you “hear?” Mad Radio WMDX 92.7 FM, 1580 AM just started broadcasting live from its brand new studio on State Street in Madison.

It is just a few blocks from the state capitol and also home to Civic Media, the station’s parent network. Read more and take a look at photos of the new studio, here.

Number Five. Did you know Oshkosh is considered the world’s busiest airport during the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Fly-in?

It’s true! And Civic Media is going to be part of it this year. Maino and the Mayor will be broadcasting live during the early mornings of EAA. You can also listen for our special EAA features and updates each day.

600,000 people are expected to attend with more than 10,000 planes flying in. EAA runs from July 22-30. Listen below to a quick report on the history of EAA.

LISTEN: History of EAA

Happy weekend to all of you!

Teri Barr

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