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Baraboo, Sauk County Hosting Wisconsin Farm Technology Days this Week

July 17, 2023 5:26 PM

By: Teri Barr

Teri's Slice of Wisconsin: 45,000+ people expected to attend. How high-tech makes it fun for anyone

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If you think it’s all about the cows at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, you’d be wrong! Farm Technology Days is this week Tuesday, July 18 through Thursday, July 20 and will feature the most recent UW research related to agriculture, along with technological developments and how to best use all of it based on your specific needs or interests. And with Baraboo and Sauk County officials hosting the show at The Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club, it’s setting up to be a little different than most, too.

“There will be something for everyone,” Wisconsin Farm Technology Days General Manager Arnie Jennerman says. “We’re excited to showcase Sauk County industry and agriculture as well as the latest in technology.”

The show is still the only one of its kind and size in the United States, and the largest outdoor event in Wisconsin with a focus on agriculture and tech. It’s organized and run by volunteers with more than 500 commercial and educational vendors on site. 45,000 people are expected to attend.

Slice of Wisconsin: Future Success is Formed in its History

The history of the show may better help explain the continuing efforts behind Farm Tech Days. Let’s go back to 1954, the first official year, and Waupaca County is hosting what was then called “Farm Progress Days.” It was open to all with a mission already ahead of its time: highlight the latest agriculture research from the University, showcase education opportunities, and show off new technologies.

My family attended many of these shows during the 1980s, and as a kid, I remember my excitement about seeing the demonstrations of new equipment and watching my parents get their own hands-on lessons. Several times we were even fortunate to know the county hosts personally. This gave us a unique behind-the-scenes perspective into what it takes to pull something like this together.

It’s almost 70-years since Farm Tech Days began, but the goals from those early days remain the same, only on an even larger scale.

Now, you’ll be able to try out drones and other super hi-tech equipment, attend a horse show, taste food grown across Wisconsin, and learn how family farms and ag-related businesses provide thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the economy. By the way, those are just the numbers for Sauk County!

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is a way to enjoy some of the past, while always looking toward the future.

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